So what is it that makes us so unusual?

           Plenty.  Partly it's design director Carol Christensen's unique creative vision, born out of her years of interdisciplinary work in the fields of graphic design, interior/architectural design, fine art, illustration and fabric design.  She's done everything from designing and building a contemporary art gallery and filling it with her own extensive artistic creations, to custom engineering

and fabrication of commercial sails for racing yachts.   



​           On the other hand, Carol's 25 years of practice in psychotherapy and family therapy provide OKUdesign with a deep, useful understanding of human nature, the benefits of listening and the

value of enduring optimism.  Her well-honed skills and innate intuition result in clients feeling surprisingly comfortable and confident during emotionally disruptive transitions.  Not to mention the soothing luxury of a talented designer who will recognize, interpret, organize and skillfully bring to fruition the character and spirit of every project.

           OKUdesign is also greatly enhanced by Christensen's keen eye for people.  Our team of professionals in architecture, real estate and contracting all mirror the grace, adaptability and spirit of cooperation for which OKUdesign is known. 



 CAROL CHRISTENSEN,  Design Director

  Painting by Carol Christensen in Life Jacket art gallery